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  • Typical restaurant in Palermo

    The tradition of Sicilian cuisine

    Osteria Lo Bianco Palermo is a typical restaurant, welcoming and pleasant one, opened in 2009 thanks to the initiative and the spirit of adventure of Michele Biondo and Giulio Messina Vitrano, two young guys from Palermo who have decided to get involved as entrepreneurs, and to detect the management of the old tavern in via Amari. 

    Business started almost as a challenge, It has immediately proven to be successful in such a way that, in addition to the historical site of the old Palermo tavern, were later opened two more. 

    Restaurant now provides a great reference importance in gastronomy tradition Palermo and Sicily, thanks to the high quality of the cuisine, the rustic and family and an outstanding location, just a short walk from the port. An inviting and comfortable environment, where customers are given the option of going to discover the fantastic world of the typical flavors of Sicily. 

    The typical restaurant of Palermo is today active both in its original location, headquarters of the tavern, and in the two venue spots opened later on, in via Belgio and in Via Notarbartolo. 

    The one in Via Belgio, in particular, is dedicated to all pizza lovers, offering a wide and rich choice of tasty pizzas, prepared with the traditional technique: handmade dough and leavened long and a rich choice of typical ingredients of the Sicilian territory, selected for their high quality.

  • Osteria, restaurant or pizzeria

    A restaurant with three variations

    The Osteria Lo Bianco Palermo aims to become an important meeting place for lovers of traditional Sicilian cuisine, the typical gastronomic specialties of Palermo, the dishes prepared with simple ingredients but rich in taste and fantasy, with the guarantee of quality and freshness. All this combined with the setting of a cozy, peaceful and comfortable environment suitable for both groups of friends, and for the families, for tourists and travelers as well as for the citizens of Palermo. To offer a sufficiently wide choice to satisfy all tastes and all needs, the typical Palermo restaurant, run by Michele Biondo and Giulio Messina Vitrano, offers to customers three different locations that differ for placement and style, but are similar in quality of service offered and refinement of cuisine. The main venue is the historical Osteria Lo Bianco, located a few steps away from the port, open from half past mid day to 3.30 p.m. and from 7.30 p.m. to 10.30 p.m. The pizzeria, in via Belgio 41, is open until midnight and is the only one of the three venues to have a wood oven and a wide selection of pizzas. The third one, the trattoria in Via Notarbartolo 12, offers the best cuisine with promotional prices and discounts.

  • Regional cuisine and pizza

    Regional cuisine and pizza

    The ancient flavors of Sicily

    The main aim of Osteria Lo Bianco Palermo is to offer its guests all flavors, aromas and excitement of Sicilian regional cuisine with a traditional and creative menu at the same time. The kitchen staff, made up of experienced and qualified professionals, is committed every day to bring rich taste and fancy dishes, prepared with professionalism and above all with passion, in order to enhance and highlight richness of best gastronomy in Palermo and whole Sicily. In all three of its venues, Osteria Lo Bianco processes daily off-menu specialties, in addition to classic dishes and always available, with possibility for customers to personalize courses to request favorite dishes and to rely for the choice to dining staff suggestions. The historical site of Osteria Lo Bianco, near port of Palermo, offers a traditional menu, where appear most famous Sicilian specialties, tasty sea food and exquisite desserts. The one in Via Belgio also has a wood oven and offers a range of delicious pizzas, made with handmade dough, leavened for over 24 hours and enriched with a tasty filling made with local ingredients, guaranteed to freshness and quality.

  • The traditional specialties

    The traditional specialties

    The best Sicilian cuisine dishes

    African and Greek origins, with characteristic ingredients of Mediterranean cuisine. In addition, every area and every Sicilian town has a personal version of most famous specialties of regional gastronomy. This typical restaurant in Palermo, thanks to strong expertise, experience and professionalism of owners and staff, offers guests a unique opportunity to taste most delicious Sicilian and Palermo dishes, offering every day, in addition to an extensive menu, also some extra specialties, elaborated specifically to combine tradition with imagination. From caponata to panelle, from rice croquettes to most famous first courses, such as pancake, anciova and carrettiera, to seafood main courses, to marinated sardines, to dishes made with eggplants, ricotta cheese and buffalo mozzarella, to finally get to fantastic desserts, famous all overthe world: cannoli, cassata, slush, croissants, puddings flavored with cinnamon. All three venues of Osteria Lo Bianco offer a rich selection of Sicilian specialties, with addition of pizza, available only in via Belgio 41.

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